We have the best Quality

We source our Linen locally in Kenya, so that we can control the quality of our fabrics.

Linen Products have increased market share consistently and are reflecting the leisure lifestyle of the young generation.

Our Linen products are one of the best selling items in the product line of ONEWAY, who sells mainly shirts, blouses and tunicas.

One of our specialties is to enhance the appearance of linen products with printings and embroideries.

Linen Fabric


Linen Product Samples

Short Fitted Linen Dress
OneWay Collection 4Linen Dress with front printing

Linen Tunica
Linen Tunica 2Linen Tunica with
printed front and
side slits

Sleevless Linen Blouse
Linen - Black and White Sleeveless Top 2 Linen Blouse with
 front and back printing.